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Photo of Developmental Gymnastics at Paulding Gymnastics

Developmental Gymnastics

Are you new to gymnastics or just new to our gym? Developmental Gymnastics here at Paulding is designed to assist any level of gymnast interested in the sport of gymnastics. Our lessons will provide a safe and proper path to grow your gymnast from the most basic of skills to the more advanced levels of gymnastics. The Developmental class level begins practicing just one day per week for 60 minutes with the ability to increase in frequency as your child progresses. This level of instruction is divided into classes by age and skill level, allowing all athletes to progress at their own pace.

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Photo of Competitive Gymnastics at Paulding Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

Paulding Gymnastics offers a competitive program for all levels of gymnasts who desire to compete in gymnastics. Our competitive program continues to build on the strong foundation of basic skills while improving the level of difficulty to uniquely challenge each gymnast. Here at Paulding, we strive to prepare each athlete for competition and life. Our lessons promote confidence and self-discipline that your gymnast can benefit from in all aspects of their life. In our decades of experience, Paulding Gymnastics has produced many State, Regional and National Gymnasts. We’ve even, as of the 2020 Olympics, helped produce a US Olympic Gymnast in Brody Malone.

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Photo of Preschool Gymnastics at Paulding Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics

We are proud to offer our Preschool Gymnastics Program here at Paulding Gymnastics! Early childhood gymnastics is helpful in improving a child’s self-discipline, coordination, their balance and confidence. Our instructors are experts in training young children on common gymnastics apparatus, such as a balance beam, uneven bars, a vault as well as the development of tumbling skills on floor. The skills taught in this program help establish the foundation for Developmental Gymnastics and later Competitive Gymnastics. Preschool Gymnastics is available for children between 3 and 4 years old and is taught away from our main gym area, allowing your child to learn in a distraction free and safe environment.

Photo of Tumbling at Paulding Gymnastics


The Tumbling class at Paulding is an opportunity for cheerleaders, dancers or anyone else to improve their acro skills. This class will provide your athlete with the necessary instruction to build strength and reinforce basic skills while helping each tumbler progress to the more advanced levels. Your athlete will learn safety in tumbling, control and proper gymnastics techniques from the forward roll to the back layout and beyond. The skills learned from this class can lead to our Legacy All-Star Cheerleading program, Paulding Gymnastics’ competitive cheerleading team.

Photo of the Legacy All-Star Cheerleaders

Legacy All-Star Cheerleading

Paulding Gymnastics introduced our Cheerleading program, the Legacy All-Star Cheerleaders, after a decade of successful gymnastics programs. It was added to our existing class programs as an opportunity to allow our gymnasts and cheerleaders to train in a safe and productive environment. The Legacy All-Star Cheerleader’s is our answer to the demand for a successful cheerleading program; as such, we’ve developed a program that recognizes each individual and how each cheerleader comprises the whole team. When you join our Legacy All-Star team, you’re welcome into an environment that values each athlete’s value and worth. We at Paulding Gymnastics, and in the Legacy All-Stars program, always push for high goals together while developing each individual into a solo leader.

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Photo of the Parent and Tot program at Paulding Gymnastics

Parent & Tot

We are proud to offer an exciting Parent & Tot program for all of our youngest athletes at Paulding Gymnastics. This class strives to encourage and build your relationship with your toddler! That’s right. You’ll be taking this class with your child! Our instructors aim to improve your child’s motor skills, their sense of balance and coordination, while also building listening and social skills. Each class is 30 minutes in length and provides the opportunity for you, the parent/guardian, to participate in their learning.

This class is intended for children already walking to 3 years old.